Bungee Jumping in Scheveningen – The Netherlands

‘Why am i doing this?’ ‘This is insane’ ‘Who’s idea was this?’ These are the thoughts running through my mind while my feet are getting strapped.  Just a few minutes ago we were still chilling at the beach, working on our tan and cool down in the sea. We both couldn’t stop watching the pier where people were bungee jumping, we looked at each other and said: lets go.

We arrived at the centre and after filling in a few forms, we needed to step on the scale, the people of Bungy  geared us up and we were ready to go.

Bungee Jumping

Ready to go!

The moment of truth

The man who went up with us tried to distract us with small talk which helped to ease the nerves, but half way up my heart started pounding in my chest and once again i thought: ‘why on earth are we doing this?’  But hey, can’t go back now! we held each tight, counted to three and there we went.

Bungee Jumping

Definitely the most terrifying moment of my life

Complete silence

I expected to scream and yell or whatever, but we both remained silent for a while. When the fear turned into excitement we laughed so hard and yelled out: this is so awesome! I never thought i would actually ever go bungee jumping, but afterwards i’m so happy i did! It is such an incredible experience.

Bungee Jumping

We did it!

What was supposed to be a quiet day at the beach turned into a adrenaline kick! You know what they say, the things you don’t plan are the best! Spontaneity makes great days. We definitely deserved to chill out after this, so we went to get some smoothies at Peukie Beachclub. What an amazing day!


Our smoothies!